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International markets are increasingly volatile, global trade becomes more complex, competitors get leaner and quicker at capturing opportunities, and new entrants come to play with greater aggressiveness. 

GainXperience informs governments’ decisions and equips them with critical resources in their campaigns and initiatives to increase their participation in international trade, to attract more foreign investments, to advance their export promotion, and to build resilience in the face of shocks and changes in global economic landscapes, political conditions, and regulatory frameworks.

Our activities include participation in economic advisory bodies and working groups. We provide strategic recommendations, briefings, and special reports. We also do programming and deliver growth-oriented, trade-focused seminars and forums.

Patrick Gaincko


The great majority of emerging economies and frontier markets present severe data gaps. Additionally, when there is data, plenty of questions arise about accuracy and relevance. 

Also, despite having contacts on the ground in international markets, companies perceive a lack of alignment, confusion, risks, and eventually insurmountable barriers.

GainXperience supports businesses in their international development. We share a wealth of up-to-date, real-world, actionable insights into consumer trends, market dynamics, policy developments, business risks, opportunities, and challenges. 

We also help with:

  •  Strategic planning
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Building and strengthening capacities
  • Facilitating and managing relationships
  • Monitoring and reporting on markets

One of our successful products is the African Consumer Trends Report. We released and presented the first edition in 2017 to the Dutch investor community at the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam Netherlands.

Every year it comes packed with in-depth expert analyses, on-the-ground insights, and close-up visualizations of the shifts in consumer trends, needs, behaviours, and aspirations; as well as examinations of the intricacies and implications of developments across African consumer markets.

Patrick Gaincko


When corporate leaders see that their top job is gone, when much talked-about innovators see that their potential is constantly being recognized but remains just that – a potential; then they suddenly realize that, during years, they were just spectators. Governed by assumptions, they were never actually driving their professional career. As a result, they miss the opportunities arising from entrepreneurship and leadership. 

GainXperience supports corporate leaders in transitioning to independent entrepreneurship and thought leadership, as well as highly promising young innovators in transitioning to starting a company. 

We help them achieve success and make impact on their own terms.

We design and conduct rich, transformative, result-oriented training and mentoring programmes, workshops, and retreats. 

We also offer a tailored, robust preparation for achieving their goals, whether it’s competing in international marketplaces, or attacking traditional business models, or participating to global conversations.