About Us

No Consumer Knowledge, No Products, No Trade



GainXperience was founded in 2015 with the ultimate goal to solve one of the most pressing issues in modern times: enduring barriers and huge knowledge gaps in global trade.

We produce and share knowledge resources of the highest quality, leveraging our extensive life- and work experience in-, deep explorations in-, and granular field research into, both the complexity and super-dynamism of Africa, and the diversity and hyper-sophistication of Europe and America.

GainXperience is a private company founded by Patrick Gaincko. It is registered and headquartered in Brussels Belgium. It has 4 employees in 2 European countries, and employs 9 field staffs in 7 African outposts.

(photo: Patrick Gaincko presenting the African Consumer Report at the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam Netherlands for the two largest associations of Dutch global investors (SANEC and NABC))